MLG’s latest unconstitutional power grab: suspend 2nd Amendment for 30 days

With the end of COVID emergencies nationwide (and in New Mexico) by spring of 2023, people have been waiting to see what the next “public health emergency” would be and where it would take place. Some believed it would be on the environment and climate. Others thought another round of COVID would bring it on, but as it turns out the issue is guns and the location is New Mexico. where Michelle Lujan Grisham has imposed a 30 day ban on carrying a gun in Bernalillo County. 

The plan is clearly unconstitutional and illegal under New Mexico laws. But the point seems to be that no rights are safe in New Mexico under this Gov. She will suspend your rights in an “emergency” and let the courts sort things out in time.

Attacking both the 2nd Amendment AND New Mexico gun law could be just a prelude to other rights in the future.

MLG signs executive order to ban firearms in all public spaces in  Bernalillo County. : r/Albuquerque