MLG’s non-existent economic plan

Several weeks ago we took a detailed look at Mark Ronchetti’s economic plan. Overall it was very good although we had a few thoughts on improving it (like tackling New Mexico’s top income tax rate).

Admittedly, while we have spent a great deal of time talking about what the incumbent, Michelle Lujan Grisham has done and not done, we hadn’t really thought much about her plans for the economy for a second term. So, we checked out her website. You can click on the graphic below which is what you’ll see if you go to her site.

Alas, but not surprisingly, there’s no “there” there. Clicking on the “economy and jobs” and “money for families and business” gets you a cursory defense of a small sample of what she has done, but ZERO discussion of what she plans to do if re-elected. We have a $2.5 billion surplus, does she want to spend it all or cut taxes? Any plans to FINALLY address the GRT? How about the oil and gas industry that has provided those recent mega-surpluses?

As the campaign for governor heads into its home stretch, what is MLG’s forward-looking plan for New Mexico’s economy?