MLG’s top health advisor: masking indoors could last 2-3 more YEARS

In his latest update on the (now 19 months old) COVID 19 pandemic, Gov. Lujan Grisham’s top medical advisor Dr. David Scrase laid the groundwork for indoor masking for another 2-3 years.

As reported in the Santa Fe New Mexican, Scrase said “We need to think of longer-term solutions to manage this pandemic — things we can live with for one or two or three years rather than clicking on and off mandates.”

“Wearing masks indoors for another year or two could be one of those preventive measures we must tolerate.”

According to the AARP New Mexico is now one of just 7 states that have indoor mask mandates in place regardless of vaccine status. Those states include: Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington (all “blue” states when it comes to their governors.

For some adults wearing a mask indoors in public spaces is “no big deal.” That certainly can’t be said for all, especially those who thought being vaccinated would eliminate mask requirements. But for New Mexico schoolchildren, the idea of wearing masks for 7 or more hours a day in school is simply unacceptable.

New Mexico was already suffering from a dramatically-aging population. How many families with young children will “vote with their feet” and get out?

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  1. What about following the science? All the data and virtually every study proves masking is ineffective. It truly is just theater. The cult of covid has become the most successful propaganda campaign in the history of the planet.

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