More Advocacy on Your Dime


Earlier this week, at the monthly meeting of the Albuquerque Tea Party, Johnny Luévano gave a presentation on how one left-wing group funds its activities with taxpayer subsidies.

The “Partnership for Community Action,” located in southwest Albuquerque, “focuses on critical community issues like education, economic sustainability, wellness and immigrant rights.” Founded it 1990, it raises “awareness” and pursues “advocacy opportunities.”

According to an IRS filing, in 2013, of the organization’s $1,144,450 revenue take, $1,055,053 — 92 percent — came from “government grants.”

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2 Replies to “More Advocacy on Your Dime”

  1. The Albuquerque Tea Party is still waiting, after 5 years, to get the IRS to approve its non-profit status. However, this Socialist group, some of which are probably illegals, (my pessimistic conjecture) rips us off for millions. What a great country.

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