More bad ideas appear in legislative committees tomorrow

Committees will hear two particularly bad bills, HB 236 and SB 224, tomorrow afternoon. HB 236 would establish a public bank operated by the state government and used by the state and local governments. SB 224 creates new rules around firearm storage and whom firearm owners may permit to use firearms they own. The rules and definitions in SB 224 are very vague and would hamper law-abiding citizens’ ability to share their knowledge and passion even with members of their own families.

The House Commerce and Economic Development Committee will hear HB 236 in a meeting starting at 1:30 P.M. The Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee will hear SB 224 in a meeting starting 30 minutes after the end of the senate floor session.

Webcasts can be found here, and you can join the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee Zoom meeting here.

The Rio Grande Foundation submitted testimony in opposition to both HB 236 and SB 224.