More evidence of negative impact of MLG’s COVID lockdowns

According to a new report (details from KRQE Channel 13) children across the United States face serious developmental challenges thanks to COVID lockdowns. As a reminder, New Mexico had some of the harshest and longest lockdowns of any US state. These lockdowns failed to achieve any positive

As KRQE reports:

The survey by Education Week showed 94 percent of teachers of young children say their students have a challenging or much more challenging time listening and following instructions. Eighty-five percent said their kids are struggling more with sharing and cooperating with their peers.

In terms of fine motor skills, 77 percent of educators found young students are having greater difficulties handling pencils, pens and scissors, while 69 percent saw their charges struggling to tie their shoes at higher rates than five years ago.

Critics of MLG’s lockdowns said as much at the time. We AT LEAST would’ve liked to see some legislative debate on the impacts of COVID lockdowns, but MLG took it upon herself to dictate policies and her Democratic flunkies in the Legislature have been unwilling to restore a seat at the table for themselves.

And, while the recent crime spree in Albuquerque  undertaken by an 11 year old undoubtedly has numerous causes, this kid was undoubtedly impacted by COVID. The left which tries to blame everything BUT the perp when it comes to crime simply won’t call out COVID lockdowns as having negative impacts on our children.