More federal “green” waste comes to Albuquerque

The federal government is “good” at one thing: taking money from producers and handing it to others, almost always with dramatically-less efficient outcomes. This is often done through taxation but nowadays with debt.

Two stories from the ABQ Journal highlight this situation. You can read them here and here:

One story details a mother (presumably single) raising four children in the “International District” of Albuquerque. This is one of the poorest, most crime-ridden areas of Albuquerque. Sen. Martin Heinrich was in town to tout a $10,500 grant for “updated and more powerful and efficient electric system, advanced light bulbs, air sealing, high efficiency shower heads, low-flush toilets and other improvements.”

This is all well and good, but according to the Journal story, “Her children were often spraying water into the swamp cooler to try to cool the home.”Did the feds provide a new swamp cooler or switch her over to refrigerated air? Not according to the article.

One wonders what a single mother of four might prioritize for her own family given $10,500. Instead she gets what Henrich and the Biden Administration want her to have.

It’s much the same with the 2nd story which highlighted the City of Albuquerque receiving $18.2 million for 20 buses at a cost per bus of $910,000 per bus. According to the pro-electrification American Public Power Association, “An average diesel transit bus costs around $500,000, compared with $750,000 for an electric bus.”

Not only did the feds apparently overpay for these buses, but with plummeting ridership, are more buses really a high priority?

Florida Congressional Members Continue to Back Wasteful Spending

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2 Replies to “More federal “green” waste comes to Albuquerque”

  1. This story is not saying anything about what’s really going’s not the federal’s the Socialist Democracy that’s doing this it’s known as the DSA it’s real and it’s happening now they have taken over the Democrat’s Hynrich Grishom Kellor are all members of the DSA Joe Biden Nancy polosi chuck Schumer and of course sanders and Cortez are all members of the Socialist they hate the constitution they want title control of our tax dollars they want to spend it on anything they want like Ukraine and supporting NATO …but u reporterd don’t have the balls to investigate things and report on it ..u said the feds ?? Be more specific it’s the DSA

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