More money hasn’t helped our schools (says even more data)

It is something we’ve repeatedly pointed out in the past — more education spending has not improved educational results. But, Rob Nikolewski’s latest report on the state’s poor education results over the last several years only corroborates what we’ve been saying. Says Sen. John Arthur-Smith (D), Chair of the Finance Committee: “If you look at the overall trend, additional monies thrown for educational reform really didn’t support the improvements the taxpayers expected.”

We’re not surprised, but we are hopeful that virtual schools and education tax credits (among other possible components of the “Florida Model“) will be on the agenda for the 2012 legislative session.

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2 Replies to “More money hasn’t helped our schools (says even more data)”

  1. You are right. The solution to our educational problems is not more money. But neither is it school choice. Rather, it is a more fundamental and radical change in the philosophy of education. Our educational system is built on a false understanding of human nature. When we understand that children are not naturally wise nor good, but need to be shaped to become wise and virtuous, when we restore education’s primary purpose of making decent human beings and good citizens rather than developing a workforce, when we remember that good education is built on truth, beauty, and goodness, then education has a chance of succeeding again.

    1. I don’t think the government is capable of shaping children to be wise or any of the things you say. Parents, family, friends, churches, and neighbors, can do this. Government run schools are not effective vehicles for this.

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