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A recent post on this site address some ways in which, if he wanted to, President Biden COULD put additional economic pressure on Russia. People like New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich seem to believe that doubling down on unreliable energy sources is the solution to limiting Russia’s power.

Germany is constantly lauded for its “green” energy, and it has spent big to get there, but supposedly “cheap” renewables have resulted in Germany having the highest  electricity prices among major nations as seen below according to Statista. As seen below, electricity in Germany costs about 2.5 times what it does in the US.

And, when Heinrich and others make the argument that Germany’s efforts to “electrify” their grid will be enough to abandon fossil fuels, it is worth remembering that gasoline is not easily replaced in a car. Again, according to Statista, electric vehicles make up just over 1 percent of German vehicles.

One positive side-effect of the Russian invasion is that Germany is reconsidering its abandonment of fossil fuels. New Mexico would be well-served to do the same with regard to the Energy Transition Act.

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  1. The Heartland Institute had an article recently, citing one of the Ivy League university’s (Harvard, I think) numbers on just the land mass required to convert over to 100% renewables (wind & solar panels) TODAY. The report said it would require two-thirds of the land mass of the entire USA to do the job. Also added, if all vehicles were to change over to electric today, we would need another one-third of the land mass of the entire USA just to handle the enormous charging load. So, with all that extra shade provided, skin cancer may well be a thing of the past.

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