More Taxpayer-Financed Advertising for Bigger Government

I have repeatedly cited the use of taxpayer money to lobby citizens for even more government spending as a serious problem. Now, enclosed in your most recent water bill from the government-controlled Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Authority, “customers” of the authority are receiving the following notices alerting them to the 1/4 cent transportation tax on the ballot with language that clearly endorses the tax. Check out both sides of the insert below:

Now, I understand that they don’t explicitly come out and say “vote for the tax,” but the intent is clear. I have two major problems with the mailing, first and foremost, opponents are not given equal time to explain why extending the tax is a bad idea (even if we don’t say “vote no.” Secondly, the water authority should be a private entity, not a government one. Were it privately-controlled, such favors would not be done or would not be done without a fight , but with City Councilors on the Wather Authority Board, it is no surprise that this was done.

Tell the governing board what you think via the previous link or email the Authority here:

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