More Taxpayer-Financed Campaigning from Martin Heinrich

Recently, I blogged about what I believe to be a politically-motivated, taxpayer-financed letter I received from Congressman Martin Heinrich. The issue was ObamaCare, an issue that I had repeatedly contacted the “Representative” about (albeit to no avail).

I just got another “franked” letter from Heinrich’s office, this one on the topic of Social Security COLA’s, an intensely-political issue in the weeks before an election (one that is a liability for Democrats in the upcoming election). I never contacted Rep. Heinrich about this issue as I am nowhere near eligible for Social Security.

Why would Heinrich want to reach out to contact me to explain that he has sponsored legislation, HR 5987, which would provide a $250 payment to seniors if there is no COLA in 2011? Simply put, he needs every vote he can get in a tight race with Republican Jon Barela. The legislation Heinrich has co-sponsored is a thinly-disguised ploy to buy the votes of seniors and the letter — again, mailed at taxpayer expense — is an even more thinly-disguised effort to make sure seniors are aware of it before Election Day.

I wonder what other taxpayer-funded campaign mailings I’ll be receiving in the next few weeks?

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4 Replies to “More Taxpayer-Financed Campaigning from Martin Heinrich”

  1. I would agree the letter is a ploy. It’s driven by the fact that many Americans don’t understand that the COLA increases are part of 1975 legislation, which call for an increase when certain conditions are met. If those conditions aren’t met then no increase. Today’s blogs are blaming the democrats and Obama as if they are purposely denying an increase. Of course that doesn’t make sense given its an election year. If it was under their control the increase would not only happen but would be larger than expected. Ignorance is blinding.

    I’m glad there is no increase by the way. It does impact me since I do receive a military pension which is also tied to the same cost of living criteria. But as a fiscal conservative I want to see spending cuts and a balanced budget. Thus far neither the democrats nor the republicans have done so. Of course they are good at talking and sending out letters.

    1. So what? I disagree with what Pearce did as well. The difference is that Heath lives in Pearce’s (old) district. I live in Heinrich’s. This kind of activity — by politicians on both sides — is one major reason we need Congressional term limits. That is the solution.

  2. I think taxpayer-funded letters will be the least of Martin’s worries once the Chamber of Commerce steps in with its cache of foreign money. Personally, I was excited when I heard about the Chamber’s recent windfall. I wish they would spend some of it to advertise on the 505stop instead of giving it to the Liberal Media – I would design custom attack ads for all of my readers with faces of Democrats superimposed on Halloween scarecrows.

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