More Taxpayer-Financed Campaigning from Martin Heinrich

Recently, I blogged about what I believe to be a politically-motivated, taxpayer-financed letter I received from Congressman Martin Heinrich. The issue was ObamaCare, an issue that I had repeatedly contacted the “Representative” about (albeit to no avail).

I just got another “franked” letter from Heinrich’s office, this one on the topic of Social Security COLA’s, an intensely-political issue in the weeks before an election (one that is a liability for Democrats in the upcoming election). I never contacted Rep. Heinrich about this issue as I am nowhere near eligible for Social Security.

Why would Heinrich want to reach out to contact me to explain that he has sponsored legislation, HR 5987, which would provide a $250 payment to seniors if there is no COLA in 2011? Simply put, he needs every vote he can get in a tight race with Republican Jon Barela. The legislation Heinrich has co-sponsored is a thinly-disguised ploy to buy the votes of seniors and the letter — again, mailed at taxpayer expense — is an even more thinly-disguised effort to make sure seniors are aware of it before Election Day.

I wonder what other taxpayer-funded campaign mailings I’ll be receiving in the next few weeks?