Mother Jones: The Moderate Koch Brothers

I find the left’s (and Harry Reid’s) hyperventilating about the Koch brothers to be quite humorous. I briefly discussed our own Senators’ attempts to re-write the First Amendment, allegedly to “protect” Americans against the Koch Brothers.

So, I was fascinated to read an article entitled, The Koch brothers can save the Republican Party — by making it more moderate from Daniel Schulman of the far-left Mother Jones magazine and author of a recent book about the Koch’s.

For someone who represents such diametrical opponents of the Koch’s, Schulman is rather flattering and seems hopeful that the Brothers will positively impact the Republican Party. As a moderate on most social issues, I agree with Schulman and hope the Koch’s succeed in moving the Republican Party in a more socially-tolerant direction on drugs, gays, and immigration (this doesn’t mean simply agreeing with the left, but rather avoiding the shrill and often personal rhetoric some on the right engage in).

The most interesting aspect of the piece is that Schulman addresses the Koch Brothers as people as opposed to demons. Undoubtedly, many on the left and certainly some on the right have a right to disagree with the substance of one another’s political positions, but that is a far better and more interesting discussion than the old “You’re funded by XYZ” and inherently lack credibility approach that seems so common these days, especially on the left.

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6 Replies to “Mother Jones: The Moderate Koch Brothers”

  1. Paul, Since you were the one picking nits over minor grammatical errors, may I point out this one from you? “…recent book about the Koch’s.” You repeated this error twice more. You seem to be confused about the use of the apostrophe.

    1. Reid sounds demented but he’s actually scapegoating the Kochs, A very dangerous propaganda. Dictators demonize a specific group of people they want to destroy. The nazis said ‘a BIG lie, repeated over and over becomes the truth’. As a daughter of holocaust survivors who were enslaved by the Soviets, hunted by nazis, and threatened with death by the Poles, I know more than most how propaganda can lead to mass destruction.
      Reid is not amusing, he’s terrifying.
      Regina Zavier

  2. Another irony is that Koch’s wouldn’t be where they are today, if it were not for help from Joe Stalin. :$

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