National Taxpayers Union hits Western Climate Initiative

With both anti-climate change and socialized health care legislation coming at us at the federal level, it is easy to forget what is happening at the state and regional levels. This is particularly the case with the Western Climate Initiative of which New Mexico is a part.
The Washington, DC-based National Taxpayers Union has written an excellent letter to John Huntsman, the Governor of Utah:

To inquire about the possibility that taxpayer dollars from states not supporting the WCI process, as well as federal funds, were used to underwrite this project against the wishes of several Governors….
These facts raise serious questions about the use of taxpayer funds in this effort from states that did not agree to partner in the WCI project – including Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Idaho, Nevada and Alaska. In fact, it is difficult to see how this was not the case, given the extent to which WGA time, staff and resources were spent to support the WCI.

No surprise that taxpayer money given to an unaccountable bureaucracy would be used to finance a push for bigger government, but it is good to see NTU on the case.