Neo-Malthusians Just Plain Wrong

My biggest problems with many of my fellow conservatives are a lack of optimism and a lack of openness and inclusiveness. These traits are too-often associated with the left even though it is simply not reality to claim that those on the left are optimistic or any more inclusive than those on the right.

A perfect example of the liberal viewpoint on these issues appeared on New Year’s Eve in the Albuquerque Journal. The article, written by Kathleene Parker, displayed an obvious lack of understanding of economics and simply rehashed the old Malthusian arguments that humans will die off due to overpopulation.

Among the factors Parker cites in making the case for overpopulation are: gridlock on the roads, our overwhelmed health care system, poor educational system, and water shortages. What she doesn’t mention is that our roads are socialized (government ownership and operation), so is our educational system. Our health care system is not socialized yet but is well on its way and our limited water supply has never resembled anything close to a free market.

While nations can and should have some control over who comes in, the idea that we need to stop immigration and restrict birth rates is silly. Rather than trying to control others’ lives, Parker and her ilk should read their Julian Simon who years ago debunked Malthus’s (and Paul Ehrlich’s) “chicken little” predictions.

So, have a Happy and Optimistic New Year! If government gets out of the way, there is no problem too big for humans to solve.

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4 Replies to “Neo-Malthusians Just Plain Wrong”

  1. Malthus has been proven wrong so many times, just as Marx has, that I fail to understand why anyone still hews to those views. The only reason I can think of for believing these incorrect and improbable views is the desire for more control over the lives of others. In my personal opinion, the belief that one’s own opinions should be the basis for controlling others is an intellectually and emotionally immature viewpoint. Unfortunately, we have a lot of emotionally and intellectually immature politicians in office.
    People actually believe that the government “controls” things and don’t understand the role of the marketplace in allocating scarce resources. If only Hayek and Mises could be made required reading along with all of the other economic gobbledygook that is foisted upon students these days as “education”. Anyone who wants a stark comparison of the role of government versus the free market should try driving in Southern California on I-405 from Irvine to San Clemente, and then make the same trek on CA-73, which is a toll road. One is gridlocked, the other isn’t, and they travel the same nominal route in parallel. Guess which road is better?

  2. Immigration is one of the things the USA government should control. The only business aspects of competition and capitalism that they should control are fairness, legality, and security. Only little wit will excuse 10% unemlpoyment and support for illegal immigration.

  3. Andrew,
    Certainly Government can be, and often is bought. So much more a reason to keep them out of things they oughtn’t be involved in.

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