New article: ‘This is a disaster.’: Severity of learning lost to the pandemic (school closure) comes into focus

Yet another report makes it abundantly clear that locking kids out of classrooms during the Pandemic has had an incredibly detrimental impact on student outcomes.

As we’ve noted repeatedly, New Mexico students lost more classroom time than students in all but 5 other states last year. The new report which is discussed in this Politico article is based on Performance on the iReady test administered nationally by Curriculum Associates.

Quoting from the piece, scores “plummeted for all students compared to the last time it was given before the health crisis began. Nearly three million students took the test both times. But achievement among children who attend schools with large proportions of Black and Latino students suffered the most, the data shows.”

“In reading, declines were nearly twice as steep for students at majority Latino schools as they were for children at majority white schools.”

A study OAK NM reported on just last week ALSO highlighted learning loss thanks to the abandonment of in-person learning.