New “Climate Hustle” movie takes on global warming

A new movie being shown in Albuquerque (and around the nation) on one night only, Monday, May 2nd, aims to expose the corruption and pseudoscience being perpetuated by the United Nations, EPA, and Obama administration on the issue of climate change, renewable energy, and other big government environmental initiatives.

The name of the movie is Climate Hustle and it will be shown at the UA Cottonwood Stadium 16 in Albuquerque at 7pm on Thursday, May 2nd.

The documentary is produced by CFACT, the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow. CFACT is a Washington, D.C. based public policy group that has been on the frontlines battling liberal environmentalists for over 30 years. With the upcoming election, we thought it critical that we all have solid facts on environmental and energy issues in order to prevent the radical left from drastically changing this country.

Climate Hustle has been featured on “Hannity,” and has been touted by the National Review as “Brutal and extremely funny.”

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