New Jersey Gov. Christie: A Model for NM’s Next Governor

The Republican candidates for governor of New Mexico are running a lot of ads and will soon be debating on May 27 on television. But, what I want to know is whether anyone running for Governor — yes, that includes Diane Denish who is running some conservative-sounding ads of her own — has the ability to stand up and fight for taxpayers in New Mexico.

Governor Christie of New Jersey has been a, perhaps THE, national leader in putting taxpayers first and going on the offensive to change a state’s culture of big government and waste. Check out this amazing video of Christie explaining to the media what this entails:

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4 Replies to “New Jersey Gov. Christie: A Model for NM’s Next Governor”

  1. Christie is not a pretty boy like Scott Brown who the media loves, but he is what is the real deal.
    If he could just dump the pro choice ideology.

  2. I know for a fact that Janice Arnold Jones is committed to the taxpayer….
    At a meeting in Moriarty at the Lions Club, I asked her point blank if she would stand against the public health bill and not honor it in this state no matter what the federal wanted and she stated to my face in front of her husband and aide that yes she would….New Mexico’s needs come first she said….

    so for sure i know of one who supports the taxpayers….

  3. I’m voting for Susan Martinez. I believe she’s the one who will give it to us “straight” as Christie does in this clip.
    Thanks for sharing this. We do need men like him in offices around the country. And let’s hear it for Jan Brewer and the Arizona legislature. New Mexico needs a similar bill, in my opinion…and everyone’s entitled to my opinion.

  4. This is why I voted for Chris Christie. Honest, forthright, and focused. We need more people like him in our government.

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