New Mexicans should support free trade in natural gas

With everything going on in Washington these days, some important issues are bound to get lost in the mix. One issue that Congress will hopefully tackle soon is to open up the international market for natural gas. New Mexico is a big producer or natural gas and to say the least, prices are down.

Unfortunately, while the US has a surplus in natural gas, the international market in the fuel is just developing for a variety of reasons. The federal government holds one major key to opening international markets like Japan to US exports.

Such openness could be a boon for New Mexico which has been hurt by low natural gas prices. Support of free trade SHOULD be a no-brainer for our Congressional delegation because it is clearly in our self-interest and a truly non-partisan issue. The folks at the center-left Brookings Institute have written a brief explanation of the issue and why free trade is a good thing.

Free trade would be a boon for New Mexico, but powerful interests oppose free trade in natural gas. Where does your Congressman/woman stand?

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