New Mexico among 15 states still in COVID “emergency”

Gov. Lujan Grisham’s latest health order expires on July 15. Of course, there is no sign that she will end her order until she leaves office as there has been an uptick in COVID cases in recent weeks.

While most parts of New Mexico show few signs of being in an “emergency” UNM is now “recommending” masks indoors. That could easily change this fall.

New Mexico remains one of 15 states  in an emergency under state law according to the National Association of State Health Boards. See the map below. While it tilts toward states with Democrat governors (including otherwise conservative Kansas and North Carolina), but Alaska, West Virginia, Georgia, and Texas all continue to be in an “emergency.”

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  1. The governor must be challenged to provide specific criteria for ending the “emergency”. Without such criteria this will never end. Why doesn’t her opponent for the election do so?

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