New Mexico among top 10 outbound states for 2nd straight year

United Van Lines isn’t a think tank, nor is it dedicated to demography, but as a moving company, they do have a pretty good idea where Americans are moving to and coming from. As the map below shows, New Mexico again finds itself on the list of top 10 states that Americans are moving out of (last year’s report can be found here):

Some points worth noting on the top states to which people are moving:

Three (SD, TX, and NV) have no personal income tax;
One, OR, has no sales tax;
Five are right to work states (SD, TX, NV, SC, NC);
One, CO, has a constitutional amendment (called TABOR) that both limits spending growth and mandates a vote on ALL tax hikes.
One, DC, is the capital of our bloated, federal government which forcibly takes money from productive citizens in the rest of the nation.

Among the states from which people are moving:

UT is a right to work state while the rest are forced-unionism states that possess both income and sales taxes.