New Mexico Business Battles Education Establishment

Recently, I blogged about the arrogant and ignorant comments made by Ellen Bernstein, the head of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation. Basically, Bernstein told the business community to “sit down and shut up” if they don’t support higher taxes for education.
While New Mexico’s beleaguered and small business community, particularly the Albuquerque Chamber, has repeatedly sold out over the years, perhaps they are turning over a new leaf under the leadership of car dealer Don Chalmers.
The most important example of this turnaround is the fact that the Albuquerque Chamber was among the groups criticized by Bernstein and the fact that, at least to date, the Chamber has remained firm in its opposition. A recent op-ed in the Albuquerque Journal by Chalmers and Cole laid out the Chambers’ very good reasons why the business community should have a tremendous say in our educational system and how it is funded.
Here’s hoping the business community remains engaged and opposed to these unnecessary and economically-harmful tax hikes.