New Mexico Comes in 36 in “Top Places for Business”

According to a new report from CNBC, New Mexico is the 36th-best place to do business among the 50 states. Texas, not surprisingly, comes in at number 1 while Utah is 2nd, Colorado is 8th, Arizona is 22nd, and Oklahoma is 23rd (so, we’re the worst in the region by a fair amount).

What makes New Mexico business-unfriendly according to the report? Our education system is ranked 46th (actually higher than our graduation rate would lead one to believe) and our “business friendliness” comes in at 47th. That broad category would seem to place us at the bottom of such a report, but we do better than average in the categories of “economy” (we’re relatively diversified and punch above our weight thanks to the federal government) and our relatively good infrastructure.

Read the full report here.

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4 Replies to “New Mexico Comes in 36 in “Top Places for Business””

  1. Frankly the surprise here is that New Mexico scored as high as it did.

    This state is not business friendly. It is loser-friendly.

    If you work, or invest, or try to run a business, you are targeted by the liberal establishment for theft by everyone, from the state government on down to the counties and cities.

    If you want to sit on your backside and do nothing but convert oxygen into carbon dioxide and food into waste, you are glorified by the liberals, treated as a hero, given welfare, food stamps, and everything imaginable from the money the state steals from the achievers.

    You are not asked to contribute anything. You don’t even have to be sober and clean to be able to qualify for your share of the stolen loot. Only the providers have to be clean and sober to hold a job so they can be robbed of part of their paychecks so you can get your free ride year after year with no one ever telling you to get off your rear end and go to work.

  2. Great piece Don! You forgot one thing; as a loser you are expected to get out and vote for every liberal candidate and every bond issue on the ballot. This keeps the same corrupt crowd in office year after year with plenty of funding to keep the losers happy.

  3. So true Fred. And as you said, I did forget it. However, I had all my major rant points written down and somehow forgot that. It is a central element in the continuation of the ongoing criminal conspiracy called New Mexico government.

  4. We are a Poor state, because we (Democrats) keep voting for the ones that keep us poor. There is no magic formula here.

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