New Mexico Democrat Senator expresses frustration with lack of strategic planning…by Democrats

With few exceptions Democrats have controlled New Mexico politics since 1930. It is therefore rather ironic to see the following opinion piece from Democrat Sen. Bill Tallman. In the article he decries the State’s (read his party’s) lack of “strategic planning.”

I provide a few of HIS bullet points and briefly discuss them:

  • Replace oil and gas revenues: While Tallman cites a study claiming that revenues from oil and gas will start to decline after 2030 that remains to be seen. The New Mexico Legislature SHOULD work to diversify the economy and the Rio Grande Foundation has plenty of ideas for that, but neither Tallman nor his Party have expressed any interest. Worse, we have been in an oil and gas boom for several years and have almost nothing to show for it.
  • Education: Tallman argues that education reforms are implemented in a “piecemeal fashion.” Of course our panelists at the recent OAKNM education conference have put forth numerous ideas (private choice and Mississippi’s model) with no interest expressed by Democrats in the Legislature (with a few tiny exceptions).
  • Capital outlay: Tallman is spot-on here. New Mexico’s capital outlay process is a total disaster and driven by no data or even needs-based assessments. Again, Tallman’s own Democratic Party controls Santa Fe. Why not put forth a detailed reform agenda?

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