New Mexico Education Falling Further Behind

If you read this blog regularly, the postings on the topic of education will begin to sound like a broken record. Unfortunately, the key word is “broken” as our educational system is. More evidence was provided recently b the findings of the American Legislative Exchange Council, the limited government-oriented national legislative umbrella organization based in Washington, DC.
That organization’s recent study, the 15th edition of their “Report Card on American Education,” shows that New Mexico’s K-12 government-run education system is not only behind other states, but is falling further behind as time passes. According to the New Mexico-specific pages of the study which can be found here, The Land of Enchantment has fallen from 43rd to 48th since 1998 in ALEC’s overall ranking. This, despite a more rapid increase in per-pupil spending than was found in other states (42% to 36.6%). Of course, this has not deterred New Mexico’s educational establishment from demanding still more money to pour down this rat hole.
One would think that beating out only Hawaii and Mississippi among the 50 states would be enough to encourage New Mexico’s political establishment and citizens to demand immediate change, but so far this session, SB 355 which would establish a system of education tax credits, has languished without so much as a committee hearing. Hopefully this changes quickly before another lost generation of New Mexico children is failed by the government school monopoly.