New Mexico education spending growing (again), but for little benefit

The Albuquerque Journal just reported that the Public Education Department is set to request $5.1 billion in the upcoming session. Since FY 2020 PED’s budget has already risen by 30% to educate fewer students.

If the Department’s request is approved this session that will be a mind-blowing 58% increase over 5 years. In the meantime, the LFC (the Legislature’s own internal think tank) itself has acknowledged that more spending at PED has not resulted in better outcomes.

America's public schools are losing students

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2 Replies to “New Mexico education spending growing (again), but for little benefit”

  1. Inflation over the last 5 years has been close to 20%, so the 58% increase mentioned while still high is not as high as it appears. Our governor and legislature are not doing a good job budgeting and allocating money for our public schools. But I would not support recommendations by the Rio Grande Foundation, an organization that supports educating our children through
    evangelist charter schools (Rebecca Dowd’s organization) and the teaching of creation theory. I would have supported giving some of this money to the Catholic School in Albuquerque that just shut down. But again our state government is not doing a good job educating our children. My own personal opinion is that the only thing that we should provide with certainty is a safe place for our students and a great education. If our schools aren’t able to provide that I see no reason to give them funding for anything else including sports programs, clubs and

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