New Mexico employment continues to shrink

If I ran the Albuquerque Journal, the following graphic would be a front-page, above-the-fold story, not relegated to the inside of the business pages. Of course, New Mexico’s economic crisis seems to be unnoticed in Santa Fe where new “economic development” proposals amount to increasing the minimum wage and increasing film subsidies.

In case the path towards economic growth were not already clear, this article explains that government layoffs are good, not bad, for economic growth. Additionally, as this article explains, workers in Right to Work states have higher incomes relative to those in forced unionism states once cost of living is adjusted for.

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2 Replies to “New Mexico employment continues to shrink”

  1. This is NOT surprising, with NM clearly on the Federal teet for most of it’s industry, it is geared towards that reliance. A liberal minded administration supports that co-dependence, despite a conservative influenced Gov’.
    I had worked in NM for the last 15 years to the point of starting a consulting business in ’09 (bad timing). With the economic comotose in power, the US is starting to sputter, while NM iwill again be left in the dust, due to a Liberal culture. The country and NM NEED Libertarian leadership to have any hope of a decent recovery within a decade.

  2. No surprise to New Mexico’s minus growth – NONE. We have judges, politicians, state attorney general, state auditor, and pretty much most political positions as democrats. Not to mention the festering corruption among these politicians. And this state is worst than California for welfare and illegals. Just spend a day at the social security office – you have 19 year olds (3rd and 4th generation) asking for welfare or any programs they can qualify for. What do we have going for us besides Susana Martinez.

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