New Mexico: exporter of college graduates

We commented on a recent by New Mexico’s Legislative Finance Committee that considered problems with the State’s economy. One of the problems we face is the quality of our workforce.

Sadly, costly initiatives like “free” college are not likely to succeed in improving New Mexico’s workforce because we lose so many college graduates (on net). As the map below highlights New Mexico lost 24% more college graduates than it attracted in 2021. You can see the full story and interactive map at KRQE Channel 13’s excellent report on the LFC report.

Even before the Gov. instituted “free” college New Mexico was among the biggest-spending states on higher education with little to show for it.

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2 Replies to “New Mexico: exporter of college graduates”

  1. If our children need to leave the state to enter the profession they wish that doesn’t mean that we should renege on our responsibility to educate them. There are the benefits than economic in a college educated population but it would also be good for the state to find more ways to retain more college graduates.

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