New Mexico gasoline prices continue rising, but government is making it worse

The following is a chart from Since right before Joe Biden took office a little over a year ago, prices have been rising rather quickly. Of course, prices really started to go up AFTER he took office. Here is a list of 25 ways in which Biden’s policies have contributed to those higher prices.

As if that isn’t bad enough, the New Mexico Legislature is considering SB 14 and HB 6, both of which will dramatically increase gas prices. SB 14, the “Clean Fuel Standard, would increase gas prices by 35 cents a gallon or more. It remains very much alive in the 2022 session.

The oil and gas industries are markets and prices vary in markets, but when government gets involved, prices go up.

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5 Replies to “New Mexico gasoline prices continue rising, but government is making it worse”

  1. Prices went up when OPEC decided to create a shortage and raise crude prices when prices dropped in 2020 because demand was down during Covid shutdowns so production dropped created a man made shortages. The President of the US has no power to control OPEC pricing or the whole corrupt Oil and Gas Industry.

    1. Obviously you have very limited knowledge of the oil and gas industry. This industry has been subject to the mercy of oil prices determined by OPEC and Russia for the last 50 years and have survived and even thrived during low prices by finding better ways to find and produce oil and gas. Under Trump’s hands off approach, the US became energy independent for the first time in 50 years which significantly reduces US exposure to OPEC and Russian politics. Biden has significantly impacted gasoline prices in the US by attacking the domestic oil and gas industry in every way possible and removing any incentive to restore oil production lost over the past several years of lockdowns. He is directly responsible for weakening our national security be making us dependent once again on OPEC oil.

  2. “Ha”? What kind of expository rejoinder is that?
    While I agree Biden has enacted several standards that have raised the price of gas (all with the intent of protecting the environment), Trump also contributed to rising costs. He
    1. Delayed CAFE mileage standards which allowed for more inefficient cars that use more gas that reduces supply and thus raised fuel costs.
    2. He proudly banned offshore drilling off the coast of Georgia, suggesting that made him an environmental president.
    3. He (rightly) stopped the fall in gas prices during the pandemic. Sub $2 a gallon prices ruined smaller producers, cut funding to New Mexico and laid off thousands of industry workers.
    Not mentioned in the provided list is the shortage truckers to deliver fuel.
    And, isn’t NM now seeing a windfall from rising prices? How is that bad?

  3. “How is that bad?” You’re actually asking this question. Higher energy prices directly affect low-income people and people on a fixed income as energy becomes a larger percentage cost within the household budget. BTW how do you know “he proudly banned…” offshore drilling and why does “proudly” banning something make it nobler than just banning drilling? Maybe he should have been ashamed of doing that because it causes energy prices to increase. If you’re truly interested in people and not abstract concepts, then you’d have to agree that making energy more affordable is better than making it more costly for everyone, especially those at the lower end of the income scale.

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