New Mexico is currently under TWO public health emergencies

The Rio Grande Foundation continues to work with legislators to reform New Mexico’s laws governing public health emergencies (both the subject matter and the Legislature’s involvement in them). Sadly, while bipartisan bills have been introduced repeatedly in Santa Fe to give the Legislature a seat at the table, a majority of Democrats have opposed any effort to restore the Legislature to the process.

No one worked harder to oppose the Gov.’s abusive and anti-scientific COVID “emergency” orders which lasted until March 31, 2023. The Gov. then declared a “public health emergency” last fall relating to “gun violence.” While the most radical aspects (like the outright ban on carrying a gun in Bernalillo County) were quickly voided by the courts, the Gov. has continued to renew her public health orders with little notice from the public. In fact, we were unsure what the latest was.

So, here’s the Gov.’s website where they list executive orders including public health emergencies. As it turns out, we now have TWO public health emergencies through May 17. One is the renewal of MLG’s “gun violence” order. A second order deals with drug abuse.

The first pages of both EO’s are below: