New Mexico is indeed at a crossroads

Dale Dekker is unquestionably a pillar of our community. He is actively involved in numerous aspects of public policy and attempting to boost New Mexico and the local economy. His recent opinion piece in the Albuquerque Journal asks a lot of questions about which direction New Mexico will go.

Sadly, New Mexico is NOT in need of more planning on the part of chambers of commerce or politicians. We simply need to “do the thing.” That thing is to make New Mexico an attractive destination for jobs, capital, and economic activity. Politicians have done a lousy job (not just here in New Mexico, but nationally) of picking winners and losers. But, the Spaceport, Maxeon Solar (whose stock has tanked as their business model has been questioned), and numerous other government-driven economic development schemes have failed and will continue to fail.

Dekker and others who seriously want economic development need to realize that the current political leadership of New Mexico cares about maintaining power, not improving our State. If New Mexicans want a better education system, better economy, and less crime they have to vote differently.

With the weakness of Joe Biden in recent poll numbers and ALL of New Mexico’s 112 legislative seats up for election, November’s election will truly determine whether New Mexico follows the status quo or develops an abundance and prosperity mindset.

Success and failure symbol represented by a forked road with a road sign  representing Failing and another successfulness with arrows for turning in  the direction that is chosen after facing the difficult