New Mexico Lags on Educational Options according to the Center for Educational Reform

In the best of times (pre-COVID19) New Mexico has not done enough to overcome its serious inherent challenges in improving student outcomes. That has become an even bigger challenge with the emphasis on “virtual” learning by the State and districts like APS and Las Cruces (to name two big ones).

The Center for Education Reform is a national education reform organization that advocates across the board for “choice” as well as teacher quality and innovation. In the group’s “Parent Power Index” New Mexico (as usual) under-performs its neighbors. Notably, Arizona, which obtains better results form similarly at-risk students for less money, is the top-ranked state in the nation. You can find the entire, interactive index below.   In the same vein, the Center for Education Reform created a separate report card that just considers and ranks all 50 states based on their charter school laws environments. Again, Arizona takes the top slot while New Mexico  ranks as a low-C in the rankings.

The fact is that New Mexico inherently has challenges in improving educational outcomes. Spending more money hasn’t achieved success. It would be nice if the Gov. or the Legislature defied their allies in the unions and focused on improving the State’s charter law and expanding school choice.


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2 Replies to “New Mexico Lags on Educational Options according to the Center for Educational Reform”

  1. Time for everyone to read the works of E. D. Hirsch, Jr., including his latest, “How to Educate a Citizen” (2020), and the work of Thomas Sowell.
    Progressivism, educational romanticism, whole language, “educational” unions, “child-centered” programs, etc. pretty much have destroyed effective education in the US.
    And, no, throwing money at the issue will not solve anything.
    We need sufficient charter schools, school choice, and other systems we KNOW work, to overcome the losses we have suffered the past half-century. We have lost several generations to the foolishness pursued by the unionist system.
    As a democrat of over 50 years, and the beneficiary of a quite good public school education (Better had I worked harder!), and with the realization that one obtains an education not because of the institutions, but in spite of them, and as a rather voracious reader, I keep up with the issues.

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