New Mexico Left-Wing Coalition Pushes “Video Game Tax”

For some, taxes and government regulations are the first and favored tool for moral betterment. This reflex is made abundantly clear by the Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club here in New Mexico and a coalition called “Leave No Child Inside” which is pushing a 1 percent tax on TVs, video games and video game equipment. Legislation has been sponsored by Representative Gail Chasey (D-Bernalillo).
Proponents of the tax would like the money to be dedicated to The fund would help pay for outdoor education throughout the state. Of course, taxing video games to fund outdoor education sounds great to the average do-gooder. Video games and television are politically correct and they make us fat. Who could be against taxing such harmful products?
Well, I’m no lover of video games and I do like the outdoors, but I don’t like getting government involved. Besides, in case you haven’t noticed, senior citizens around the country are now using video games to stay physically fit. Are we really going to make it harder for senior citizens, most of whom can’t hike around in the mountains, to get in shape at their own pace?
The fact is that governments should not be in the business of molding us into better people. Governments should leave smokers, fat people, couch potatoes, and others alone.