New Mexico misses Goal on Financial Reporting (again and again)

According to the group Truth in Accounting, New Mexico is having serious problems getting its fiscal reports done in a timely manner. According to a new report, the State has missed the 180 day goal to release fiscal reports after year-end since 2009; with a worse record each year.
· 2009- report published 262 days after fiscal year end
· 2010- report published 258 days after fiscal year end
· 2011- report published 356 days after fiscal year end
· 2012- report published 426 days after fiscal year end

Why should citizens of New Mexico care?
· The budget cannot be made efficient without timely financial results from the prior year.
· Unfunded pensions promises are growing (from $4.2 billion in 2009 to $7.28 billion in 2012)
· Unfunded retirement health promises (from 2.21 billion in 2009 to $2.51 billion in 2012)
· Citizens cannot hold their elected officials accountable without truthful, timely information.
· Click here to view the full financial state of New Mexico

New Mexico might look to its neighbor, Utah, for advice. Utah published its 2013 financial report 115 days after the fiscal year end – making Utah the second fastest state in the country after Michigan, who released its 2013 report 82 days after fiscal year-end.
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Truth in Accounting commends Michigan and Utah for enabling their citizens to make informed decisions with timely available reports. Utah is also one of our eight sunshine states, meaning they have enough assets to pay their bills.