New Mexico Ranks High in Unemployment Fraud

An astonishing $7.1 billion was lost nationwide during 2009 in unemployment benefits fraud. Our Capitol Reporter, Rob Nikolewski found the story, followed up on it, and has found that New Mexico ranks third in the nation in terms of percentage of unemployment overpayments, with some 28.68 percent ($97.8 million) of the total benefits sent to New Mexico unemployment recipients should not have been delivered. Only Louisiana and Indiana had a worse percentage.

The full story from Capitol Report New Mexico can be found here.

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2 Replies to “New Mexico Ranks High in Unemployment Fraud”

  1. Why is it a male who has not and can not work is receiving unemployment benefits? Raymond Mylet , living in Santa Fe, NM has received unemployment benefits for almost a year. During that time he has worked various jobs with earnings he has not reported. He is now not even looking for work and perhaps not able to work. Why are tax dollars going to pay a lazy, dishonest, single man, when so many families are going hungry?

  2. How does a person that gets caught stealing, (wrote up) then missed work for a week without notice, (in jail) and shows up to work drunk. With a blood alcohol test (urine) and admitting to being drunk, gets fired, files for unemployment and gets it. And the state sends his “check” to his new place of work for over 6 months. And wont investigate nothing.

    Another one, employee gets mad and quits. He files unemployment and gets it as well. He says a co worker told him if he didnt quit he would get fired, thats right another coworker, not a supervisor. Only in NEW MEXICO, no wonder its the third worst for unemployment fraud, The state is causing the fraud.

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