New Mexico REMAINS among most locked down states in US (44th most open) despite recent reopenings according to Wallethub

The latest Wallethub report (out today) ranks states based on Coronavirus restrictions. New Mexico remains relatively shuttered (44th most open). Worse than that, as can be seen below, New Mexico is in the unenviable position of having MANY COVID restrictions AND a high death rate. 

Furthermore (according to the bottom chart), New Mexico also has a high unemployment rate which, not surprisingly accompanies those economic restrictions.

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2 Replies to “New Mexico REMAINS among most locked down states in US (44th most open) despite recent reopenings according to Wallethub”

  1. New Mexico is a disaster. The state has thrown in the towel to get bailed out by the Feds by the Covid Stimulus Bill. Typical Leftist socialist mentality. We don’t have the Central Valley or Silicon Valley to fall back on here in the Land of Disenchantment.
    Oil and Gas was a growing and thriving industry. Adios! The travel industry will stumble back over time and many lost restaurants will never come back. I personally lost a whole year of income.
    We need a fighter and and a warrior with business acumen running the state not a Pelosi wannabe with a family name of Lujan.
    New Mexico really needs a reset and revival on many levels. Those here love the state and are tired of being rated # 50.
    We need leadership with spirit. Someone who will lift folks up, someone with vision and who truly loves New Mexico with a passion. Very much like President Trump loves America.

    We may need to get behind a huge rally to energize this state and pull it out of the MLG coma. Let’s get started. People are hungry here and will do whatever it takes. We have pride of ownership and want the best of our state.
    We also need to pay attention to the churches across the state. That’s where the heart of a good revival should begin.
    I have an idea of one such Evangelist who can do exactly that. His name is Mario Murillo. In case you haven’t heard of him. He’s been around for 40+ years and is committed to his mission to defeat the radical Left …
    If you can get him here, it would be a huge event across the state.
    He is truly the best and extremely popular.

    Thank you for letting me vent and appreciate being able to express how I feel.

    Joyce Bidwell

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