New Mexico Republicans have one job for the next two years

The Republican Party remains fractured. While unfortunate, there are always personality differences and strategic considerations that make political organization akin to herding cats. This is nothing new and can be overcome.

But one thing Republicans MUST agree on if they want to avoid being in the political wilderness for ANOTHER 52 years is opposing tax increases (as Gov. Martinez has consistently said). As Grover Norquist says, Republicans succumbing to the desire to raise taxes is like Coca Cola dropping all their quality controls and allowing a rat’s head to be found in one of their beverages. No one will buy your product if you abuse your brand and the Republican brand MUST mean not raising taxes, especially in New Mexico’s flailing economy.

If fundamental tax reform is indeed possible (and that means tossing out the entire gross receipts tax or squeezing out nearly ALL exemptions), Republicans should work to ensure that those reforms are as close to revenue-neutral as possible. In the absence of fundamental tax reform, Republicans must oppose raising taxes like the gas tax, income tax, attempts to impose Internet taxes, and any other attempt to collect NEW revenues on existing activity (taxing and regulating pot would NOT be a tax hike b/c it is currently illegal).

By way of publicly affirming their opposition to raising taxes, legislators (of both parties) should strongly consider signing the Americans for Tax Reform pledge. Think of it as a “Good Housekeeping” seal of approval.

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2 Replies to “New Mexico Republicans have one job for the next two years”

  1. At the federal level, Republicans might be wise to ALWAYS commit to a balanced budget in the same breath they commit to not raising taxes. Deficit funding of government programs is generational theft and is unsustainable.

  2. Gotta love it when lawmakers say they will raise taxes on (a) business or industry. I am immediately aware of exactly zero businesses that pay taxes; businesses collect taxes, and forward to the wastrels who spend them. I pay taxes; GM pays exactly no tax they have not collected through charges to the buyer. Lawmakers can and do make and break businesses by requiring higher/lower tax pass-through, but elected bodies have a mighty poor record of selecting appropriate winners and losers in the business game. Happens right here in River City (ANY River City, including Las Cruces – We’re not zoning that land to commercial because Wal-Mart may be the ultimate user, no matter how appropriate the zoning would be. Who’s hurt? The property owner, who does not get highest and best use, and the community, which collects far fewer dollars from the people spending their own money)

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