New Mexico spends millions on solar power not knowing how much power it will get

We didn’t come up with that title. In fact it is from The Center Square article here.

New Mexico’s Economic Development Department announced plans this month to spend millions of dollars on “energy transition” projects with the goal of meeting climate change metrics and creating jobs. The only problem is she doesn’t know how much they will help in meeting those goals or how many jobs they will create.

According to a statement from the department, it has funded nearly $6 million for “four projects that will diversify the economy and create jobs unrelated to fossil fuel development or use.

Unfortunately, as the article notes: “In three of the four projects, a spokesman for the department admitted to The Center Square that it does not have an estimate of the amount of clean energy that will be created by the effort. Nor does the department know how many jobs will be created by any of the projects.”

Nothing to see here. Just New Mexico government pouring $6 million into a variety of “clean energy” projects for which the State doesn’t know how much energy or how many jobs will be produced.