New Mexico stands at 41st in overall economic freedom according to Cato Institute’s latest report

According to the Freedom in the 50 States report recently released by the Cato Institute New Mexico again registers as one of the least economically-free states in the nation. As seen in the map below New Mexico trails each of its neighbors badly while falling more in line with MLG’s “dream” state of California and other slow-growth, “deep blue” states.

New Mexico DOES perform fairly well in the area of “personal freedom” ranking 5th overall, but combined with its economic freedom score, that nets New Mexico a still mediocre 35th overall ranking. 

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3 Replies to “New Mexico stands at 41st in overall economic freedom according to Cato Institute’s latest report”

  1. Here we go again, cherry picking the worst things that they can find about New Mexico and putting them on their Errors of Enchantment. It’s almost like the RGF is suffering from chronic depression and can only see the worst about everything. There was another analysis out recently showing that a majority of the states most dependent on federal government funding were red states. I wonder if those states were also considered the most free and if they were I’d have to ask free for who, the corporate elite?

    1. New Mexico has a lot of positive things, but it’s political leadership is not one of them. I don’t really care about the “red states” and their problems because I don’t live there and I don’t know what is actually going on. Stop making excuses.

  2. Dave: Cherry picking? NM has an historic habit of finding lows on good lists and highs on bad lists. Education? Private sector employment? Single-party government (Like CA, a failed feudal estate)? On and on. Show us otherwise, please.

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