New Mexico the Blue State

There are many ways to analyze the political leanings of the various states and, while New Mexico is “redder” than at any time in its modern political history, it remains in many ways a “blue” state. Check out the following from the FEC which was posted by Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post.

A few things are noteworthy:

From a geographical perspective, Republicans are dominant with Democrats relegated to the coasts. The exceptions being only Minnesota, Illinois, and New Mexico.

Democrats are relegated to heavily “urbanized” states with the exception of Vermont and New Mexico.

Oregon (33rd) and New Mexico (43rd) are the only poorer-than-average “blue” states as ranked by per-capita personal income.

But, despite their higher personal incomes, 1,000 Americans are moving from blue to red states every day. 


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3 Replies to “New Mexico the Blue State”

  1. New Mexico is a blue state by default because we have one and a half political parties. If Republicans ran serious candidates in every legislative and congressional district, the outcome might be different.

  2. I’ve run into a lot of people up here in Northern New Mexico, who are Democrat by tradition, but when you sit down and talk to them about what they really believe, they lean right. I think the real key is helping them see it’s ok to break with tradition and follow what they believe. And I do agree with Jame’s comment — the NM-GOP has got to start running better candidates, which means conservatives need to start stepping up to the plate. Yes, it’s a lot of time, but it’s worth it.

    1. Joyce, I appreciate your perspective. I do see many in Northern New Mexico as “conservative.” But, my view of that “conservatism” is that it applies mostly to social issues and “preservation of their way of life.” It doesn’t filter down as much to economics and government regulations (in my view). Being a traditionalist doesn’t mean you support a dynamic free market economy. Thoughts? A different view? I’m open to it. I hear quite often that lots of NM Hispanics are “conservative” but vote “wrong.” I don’t see it.

      Also, at least at the legislative levels, I think the GOP’s candidates are extremely good. At the legislative level, the GOP is a candidate-driven party, the Democratic Party is a “machine” and numbers party.

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