You’re Invited to Attend New Mexico Turnaround Conference

This coming Friday and Saturday will see the start of what will hopefully be an annual conference. The even, which is being held in Albuquerque is called “New Mexico Turnaround Conference.” The schedule which is not completely filled in yet, can be found here. I will be on a panel, and if that is not enough reason to attend (ha, ha), so will nationally-syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg, Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund, and representatives of the Heritage Foundation.

Topics discussed at the conference will include: Education; Energy; Healthcare; Political Corruption; Voter Fraud; The States Use of it’s Resources and the State’s Impact on the Economy; The Purposes of Government as Envisioned by the Founders; and the Threat from the Left.

To RSVP or for questions, please contact Renee Rosales at
(505) 242-2050 or or register online at:

The conference will be held at:
Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town
800 Rio Grande Blvd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104