New Mexico was among first US states to enact a gas tax

Check out the following chart from our friends at the Tax Foundation. Looks like New Mexico is a leader in one thing: taxation.

And, while New Mexico’s Legislature has been controlled by Democrats for many years, both houses were under Republican control back in 1919. BTW: Woodrow Wilson was president at the time.

And gas taxes are not the worst tax in the world especially if they are dedicated to funding road construction and maintenance. Unfortunately, a large portion of the 18.4 cent/gallon gas tax collected by Washington is diverted to transit and other “transportation-related” projects.

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6 Replies to “New Mexico was among first US states to enact a gas tax”

    1. Yes, you consistently say he is a fraud, but you have never given a specific example of his work being disproved or shown to be fraudulent. You just don’t like the conclusions he draws about expensive transit systems. Again, neither O’Toole nor myself oppose mass transit on principle, but we both wish to allocate limited transportation funds to those modes which work. The best way to do this is to get government out of managing transportation infrastructure, but there are ways to improve the situation even with government involvement.

      1. You expect railroads to make money, but you don’t expect roads to make money. You push for hypocritical double standards.

        O’Toole is a fraud, because what he says is totally bogus.

        1. Freight railroads DO make money, lots of it in fact. Only passenger rail can’t pay its bills. Why is that? Freight trucks travel on the same roads as do passenger vehicles.

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