New Mexico won’t be completely open until ALL young people are free of masks

Despite Gov. MLG having claimed that “New Mexico will be totally open July 1” the reality is that New Mexico remains one of the strictest states in the nation in terms forcing masks on children. Predictably, as it stands now, when kids go back to school in early August they will be forced to wear masks (as will students in other “blue” states).

The following data are from Burbio which has done invaluable work tracking various COVID-related rules. Not surprisingly, all of New Mexico’s neighbors DO NOT have mask mandates while a majority actually ban locally-imposed mandates. With the Biden Administration pushing 12 year olds to be “vaccine ambassadors” to their fellow 12 year olds, there seems to be little question that the Gov. will keep masking our kids until she is told not to by the Biden Administration or CDC (despite the absurdly-low virus death rate among healthy children).

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