New Mexico’s already small share of national GDP shrank over past decade

A fascinating new report from Axios recently drilled down into state GDP numbers to find out which state economies are growing relative to their previous share of the national economy and which are shrinking. The time period covered is the decade from 2012 to 2022. You can see the map below.

It is hardly a surprise that GDP is moving south and west because PEOPLE are moving south and west. North Dakota’s tremendous growth in its oil and gas sector over the last decade drove dramatic population growth, but that doesn’t seem to be happening in New Mexico (at least so far) with our shrinking share of the national economic pie.

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2 Replies to “New Mexico’s already small share of national GDP shrank over past decade”

  1. I agree with Tom in terms of Santa Fe being the problem, but the root of the problem is the stupidity of too many voters in New Mexico who continue to elect morons who can only drive the state backwards. They seem to think we should model ourselves on other blue states that are also regressing but have much further to fall than a poor state like NM . California is experiencing an exodus of people who are disproportionately upper middle class or wealthy. NM faces a similar fate. We’re moving to AZ where the voters get it right more often and people feel safer, pay lower taxes, and can enjoy a better lifestyle. We often tell our out of state friends that God did an awesome job when He created New Mexico, then foolish voters and politicians ruined it. A culture of poverty, ignorance, and dependency is the result.

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