New Mexico’s awful taxpayer ROI

The latest Wallethub report which ranks states by the return on investment their taxpayers receive for the tax dollars paid. Sadly, but not surprisingly, New Mexico’s return on investment on those tax dollars is terrible (49th overall as the map below shows).

While the following chart comes straight from Wallethub’s report, it is impossible to fully include below. You can clearly see that New Mexico’s overall rank (not ROI) is 50th in education, 50th in safety, and 50th in economy. Health and Infrastructure/Pollution are somewhat better.

Interestingly, New Mexico’s tax burden is ranked a relatively low 34th in this report because it is calculated on a per-capita basis. When Wallethub calculates tax burden they do so as a percent of income and New Mexico ranks 12th-highest.

Source: WalletHub
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6 Replies to “New Mexico’s awful taxpayer ROI”

  1. There will be no fundamental change in NM until there is fundamental political change – and the voters have shown no interest in fundamental political change.

  2. These are painful statistics. I just don’t understand why New Mexico voters continue to tolerate such lousy governance. I tend to blame the state GOP for being a party of personalities and fiefdoms, which makes it unattractive to much of the general public and helps to keep the governor’s office and the Legislature in the hands of the Democrats.

    1. Replying to Mr Powell, after 90 years of single party Dem rule at the state level, NM has an enormous welfare class and enormous public sector workforce. Those combined groups comprise over 50 percent of the NM electorate. This voting bloc has opposed fundamental change in the past and will continue to do so in the future. It’s NM’s Faustian bargain.

  3. Nothing new here. Bottom of all the good lists and at the top of all the bad lists. Why would anyone expect yet another list to differ in any way?

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