New Mexico’s love/hate relationship with crime shows

New Mexico is a funny place sometimes. On one hand, our elected policymakers are more than happy to throw 25 cents on the dollar (if the show were to start filming now, that would be 30 cents on the dollar) through our generous film incentive program at a fictional television show, Breaking Bad, which uses Albuquerque as the setting for a gripping tale of a meth-dealing high school teacher. Everyone — the media, the business community, and the population at large — LOVES the show.

And then there is the reality show COPS which portrays real police dealing with real criminals. Former Mayor Marty Chavez famously kicked the show out of town back in 2004 citing the show’s negative portrayal of the community. The show has been given the go-head from Sheriff Dan Houston to come back to town, but this has two County Commissioners outraged.

I have no idea if COPS will be asking for film subsidies. If that is the case, I’d certainly oppose their presence, but how can people be so positive about a show that portrays Albuquerque as Breaking Bad did while trying to keep COPS out? Maybe these folks — O’Malley and Stebbins — need to spend more time working to clean up problems at the County Jail?

UPDATE: According to the New Mexico Film Office, COPS would likely be eligible for New Mexico’s 25% film subsidy rate.