New Mexico’s moderate House Democrats to the rescue

The 2024 legislative session was destined to be a challenging one for RGF and other supporters of limited government. And, while the New Mexico Legislature is as progressive as it has ever been and must be considered a failure for its lack of interest in addressing basic economic, crime, and education issues, this session may be remembered for the rise of rural, moderate House Democrats as a political check on the “progressives.”

The New Mexico Senate, on the other hand, acted much more as a “rubber stamp” for MLG’s policies. You can check the performance in both houses at our Freedom Index. 

Specifically on HB 41 Clean Fuel Standard which unfortunately passed and SB 3 Paid Family Leave, moderate Democrats pushed back against “progressive” overreach. The floor vote rebuffing the Gov.’s plan to force school districts to adopt 5 day school weeks was another vote that split House Democrats.  Several rural Democrats ALSO opposed HB 129, the 7-day waiting period on gun purchases.

Days vs hours: Behind the budget amendment bringing together Democrats and  Republicans - Source New Mexico