New Mexico’s Nascent Tax Rebellion Continues ….dispatch from Los Alamos

When Santa Feans overwhelmingly voted down a costly soda tax, pundits questioned whether this might be the start of a trend in which New Mexicans take a more skeptical approach to taxes. It is hard to say for sure, but another data point has been added to the developing trend-line and the result (again) is “No New Taxes!”

Yesterday, voters in the National Lab-dominated enclave voted down a new recreation bond levy by a vote of 3,446 for to 3,932 against. At a price tag of $23 million, the proposed property  tax hike was just too much for a majority of property owners even though (as usual) the political establishment desperately wanted to raise taxes.

The Rio Grande Foundation was not involved in this particular tax battle, but it is another indicator that New Mexicans’, facing the nation’s highest unemployment rate do not see tax hikes as a good option at this time. The Rio Grande Foundation IS involved in efforts to educate Albuquerque voters about a proposed gas tax increase which will be voted on June 5. That tax hike would go to the voters if it is approved by City Council and the Mayor.


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2 Replies to “New Mexico’s Nascent Tax Rebellion Continues ….dispatch from Los Alamos”

  1. We are proud of our efforts at A Better Way For LA! With only a month to organize (while the County-backed Pro Bond Advocates had 18 months) we offered our research efforts and a voice to fiscally minded individuals. The LANL contract is up in the air and, if a non-profit wins the contract, our gross receipts taxes will be cut in half. GRTs make up 67% of our revenue. We have been saved from a potentially fiscally disastrous situation. –Lisa Brenner, VP, A Better Way For LA

    Thanks for the write-up and support, Paul!

  2. Paul:

    After the defeat of the Soda Tax, Santa Feans are facing another proposed increase in the GRT by the County and City.

    The SFCRP and the SFFRW are gearing up to challenge this new tax.

    Perhaps you can send me a list of all the tax increases in the Santa Fe area, over the last few years–if you have the time.

    According to Yvonne Chicione, chair of the county Republican Party, the Soda Tax effort has invigorated the local party.


    John Onstad

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