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  1. Help those who cant stand up those who are panicking and those who are ill or have a condition. Stand up for what ia right. For them in prison who can survive with us to fight for them and there right too. Those who need to be released for home confinment so they do have a chance also just like us. More and more facility are getting the virus and more of them are dying each day. Let’s stand up for what’s right

    In Otero county prison what about the other inmates that are immigrants that have a condition that they can’t be around the virus or get sick. All the news keep saying that otero is doing there part to make sure there not getting everyone sick but I have talked to a few inmates in there and there actually telling me what they are doing in there. I have a good new story to help everyone understand what’s really going on in the prison.

    justice need to be right and fair. The inmates are not getting the care they need expeacly the ones that are sick and have a condition to the virus. My finace is very sick with a heart condition and nobody seem to care what happen to him or any of them in there. How fair is that. They do not deserve to die in there at all. Everyone life is worth something not just a few. is worth so much more then dying in prison because of this virus attacking everyone. This is not right when you can do something about it. Everyone looks up to you i look up to you please help him. Please take the voice that I can’t be stand up for what is right.

    My name is Tapanga Blincoe,
    I was seeing if you could help me pass this letter along please I need someone to stand up for what is right and for someone who can not stand up for his self because he is lockedup. Please this would mean so much to me if you could help me pass this letter along. This is a very serious issue and nobody is taken it seriously. This would help save a life. It only take one person voice to stand up for people who can’t stand up for themselves. Please

    My fiancee he has chronic heart failure and he is locked up in a federal prison facility. He is a high risk of getting the virus that is spreading in prisons he is more then qualified to be released for home confinment. HE is like a sitting duck with so many inmates around him that has the virus He has no chance to fight this while he is in there. The facility is not Doing what they are suppose to be doing to make sure they Are not at risk and make sure there health is okay and He is a very high risk with chronic heart failure he has a higher chance to get it then the other inmates his immune system wont be able to fight this kind of virus.This is a big issue Matter to help him save his life.The facility he is at is not Doing what they say they are actually doing. He is more then qualified to get released on home confirmed he dose not deserve to die in prison at all can u please help me his life is so important and I know there so many life that are but he has no survival rate living though this virus if he gets sick. He already told me in Otero county prison facility they are getting sick the inmates and bring 17 more inmates into his pod and then they are only giving him and the other inmates small bar of soap. Every other day. This is a big issue so big. And he has the right to the first step act. He qualified for home confidment so his health is not being put at risk. Or his life. Please help me save his life please there already cases of the virus in his facility. Let’s save a life and this will help actually show people you care about the inmates in federal there already confirmed cases in his facility. with his conditions this virus will kill him fast and instantly please help me i have reach out to everyone.

    This is my contact information


    Please help me before it’s to late

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