New Mexico’s steep drop in young children

At RGF we ran across the map below from the Economic Innovation Group. The chart shows which states have seen an increase or reduction in the number of children aged 0-4 over the last few years.

Considering the nation’s plummeting birth rate it is no surprise that few states have seen an increase (a few have), but New Mexico is one of the states that have seen the absolute greatest decline (outperforming only other “deep blue” states California, Illinois, New York, and Hawaii).

Shifting America’s overall demographic profile is beyond the scope of the Foundation’s efforts, but with New Mexico performing so poorly in the Kids Count report, it is no surprise that families with small children are not flocking to New Mexico. An interactive version of the map is below with a picture below.


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5 Replies to “New Mexico’s steep drop in young children”

  1. Good God all you do is cherry pick s*** we already know about. And you’re only answers are tax breaks for the rich and low wages for the working class. Oh yeah and cuts for Social Security and food stamps and Medicaid. Give us a f****** break. You like to take snapshots and not think about the big picture. Give it another year or two someone else will be at the bottom.

  2. Most women on Social Security can’t survive without either state or family help. We worked when in many places women’s wages were really lower than men’s. Younger working families, especially in NM, are struggling to survive at all. I have friends in their 70s who have foster kids or do home Healthcare work to survive. Many seniors are raising the grandchildren so the parents can work or venture they are just plain lazy or irresponsible. Its a crazy time. Under The current leadership we’ve dropped from 2nd to last in quality of life measurements to dead last. Folks are encouraged to only bring babies into this world if you can afford them. Lol. In this state thats a good laugh. This is a state where either you do quite well or scarsly survive. Not so many in-between. What might be middleclass elsewhere seem rich in comparison to the majority.
    Our leaders work to destroy our better paying jobs in oil and gas while raising taxes on the poor. They seem to want us all dependant on the state. Martinez-Lujan- Grishom signed on to the 20-30 initiative demanding we all buy electric vehicles and stop burning wood for heat ect. She forgets most of us can’t comply. And with the distances to work, get medical care, ect electric vehicles aren’t practical. The price of food alone is too much for most us to eat by the pyramid guidelines. I eat lunch at a senior center. Without that the only way I could eat was to raise a good sized garden and can or sun dry enough to help carry me through the year. For meat and dairy I gave up and started getting food from a community pantry. I’m careful even with that. And I’m trying to garden but the rabbits must be on the governers payroll. They’re eating up everything that sprouts.

  3. Housing put locks on water. we can’t garden . The trees the city planted are all dyeing around us because the zero scape is not being watered. The city waters the park so much we get the cockroaches. Down to 2 meals a day and certainly not full meals like the old days . Even the food banks sometimes don’t have enough food to go around getting sad here in Albuquerque

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