New Mexico’s subsidizes film industry “fat cats” too

The release of two of the biggest box office movies since COVID shut down the industry (Barbie and Oppenheimer) coincides with the ongoing (and recently expanded) labor strike going on involving writers and actors.

Because New Mexico has spent so much money in the form of subsidies (an estimated $145 million this year alone before the strike) many New Mexicans and their elected officials may feel strongly about taking sides. As seen below Rep. Stansbury did exactly that and it is no surprise that New Mexico’s left-wing political leaders are on the side of labor.

RGF has not taken sides, but we DO oppose subsidizing Hollywood. While Rep. Stansbury supports the film subsidies, she appears to think that CEO’s of the very companies New Mexico subsidizes make too much money. Apparently, the fact that our tax dollars are directly funding the pay of CEO’s running these big corporations is completely lost on her.